Helmet Displayer 2014
Helmet Displayer 2014Helmet Displayer 2014Helmet Displayer 2014Tara Helmet Displayer (Crossbar)

Tara Helmet Displayer (Crossbar)


Product Description

Helmets can be a pain to display. This new design makes it was easy as plopping the helmet on the display and walking away. The stable design levels the helmet effortlessly, and our great new “strap catchers” capture the straps, so they aren’t dangling and being unsightly.

Why do we call it Tara? We named it after our good friend Tara Llanes who was one of the worlds most talented MTB racers until she crashed in 2007, leaving her paralyzed from the waste down. The crash might have put an end to her mountain bike career, but hardly slowed her down at all. She’s a real inspiration to us all, so we are donating $1 from every Tara sold to her Road to Recovery Fund to help people with spinal cord injuries. See her story at http://www.tarallanesfund.com.